08 Jan
Who REALLY Killed Chivalry?

Women did… But anyway. So I was reading this article that has been popping up all over facebook (posted over and over by girls on my facebook list) See article here: http://elitedaily.com/dating/sex/why-chivalry-is-dead-from-a-mans-perspective/ As I am reading this I’m thinking.. What bullshit! I mean really!? This guy writes as if he’s the only man that takes dates […]

09 Nov
Don’t Be Her “Friend”

The stuff I write, I write for men who generally are like me. Guys who aren’t afraid to really love a woman. Guys who when they do, love full heartedly, care for their woman want try to build for the better of the couple. Proper men, perhaps even gentlemen. This does not mean that we are pushovers […]

07 Nov
Feminist Mentality & The Independent Woman

Don’t get me wrong.. Im all for equal rights, equal pay, equal EVERYTHING. Im all for gay marriage too. What I am is a PRO Humanist. Pro HUMAN rights. Equality as HUMANS.. Animals too. Its called respecting each other and the environment we live in. Not that hard to comprehend is it? Well it seems so in this […]

06 Nov
Hard Gainer 101

If you are like me. A hard gainer. and you are just starting out I know it can be hard and frustrating! Trust me I know. When I started in the gym I was 145 or so soaking wet. Im about 6″ so you can imagine how skinny I was. Since than I’ve bulked up pretty […]

05 Nov
The ruthless truth about women part 1.. Damaged goods.

Today I was on Facebook and one of the girls I know quite well made a comment on how hard it is to find a good man. I see and hear this sort of thing all the time from women. “Why can’t I find a good man” “why are all men afraid of commitment” “why […]

05 Nov
Do women love?

In my life I have had mane experiences with women. I’ve had some really great times with women but in the end mostly bad. I have loved, lost & loved again. I consider my self a hopeless romantic. I want to believe that love exists in this world, but in all my experience. I find my self wondering […]

22 Aug

Hello and welcome all to my new blog. I’ve been meaning to get this blog up for a long while and finally got around to starting it up. So why am I starting this blog? Well as I continue to post things up you will see that I am heavy into philosophy, fitness, and all […]