07 Nov

Feminist Mentality & The Independent Woman

Don’t get me wrong.. Im all for equal rights, equal pay, equal EVERYTHING. Im all for gay marriage too. What I am is a PRO Humanist. Pro HUMAN rights. Equality as HUMANS.. Animals too. Its called respecting each other and the environment we live in. Not that hard to comprehend is it? Well it seems so in this day and age.

I understand that at one point in time feminism was needed. Just as affirmative action was needed. But lets face it, more women go to college and get higher education, women get equal pay now, women are running a lot of things in western society. But there is an underlying mind set now that is destroying relationships and marriages. This whole “independent woman” thing. Personally when I meet a woman and she starts uttering such things I usually treat that as a red flag. It usually has a lot of hidden meaning behind it. And the truth of the matter is that this learned mentality is the reason why so many women today are alone and subconsciously pushing men who love them out of their lives.

First off let me say that no one, I repeat NO ONE in this world is independent. We all exist here and live together. We all need each other. The very idea that any of us is 100% independent of one another is preposterous.  If you think you are, try working with out co-workers. If you are self employed try getting work with out clients. Now the “feminist minded” might say, its not about work its about not needing a man. I say look at the amount of single mothers raising children that are confused, alienated, criminal, living in lower tax brackets, not attending post secondary school (there are plenty of sources on this out there, here is one page that references some http://www.photius.com/feminocracy/facts_on_fatherless_kids.html). The bottom line is that if we are to prevail as a human race, a child needs 2 parents, relations need 2 partners and ultimately, there’s a reason the age old saying says “it takes a village to raise a child” There is just no way about it. People need each other. PERIOD.

The reality is that in the present time, women use this “independent woman” attitude as a show of strength. There is nothing wrong with a strong woman, but most women out there take it way too far, and way out of context. A lot of women are becoming jaded to the reality of what a relationship is, what a union is and what love is. Relationships are supposed to be a cooperative effort for the betterment of 2 peoples lives, a unification built on the foundation of time, friendship, love, loyalty, sexuality and other bonds that make a man and a woman gravitate toward each other. The independent woman however, has it in her mind that she does not need you, and never will (even though she will most likely want alimony & support if you marry her and/or make children). She may soften up to pull you in but after a while turn cold as ice. You will wonder what happened to the woman you first met. I’ve seen read and experienced this story time and time again. You will love her and try to nurture her and be there for her, try to build with her and she will push you away. She is her own worst enemy at the end of the day because a lot of the time, deep down she does want someone, but her learned mentality, regardless where she got it from will always shun a man, especially if she feels that she may seriously fall in love with the man in question.

We can blame the media, we can blame her upbringing, we can blame her past relationships. Whatever the case she’s independent! SHE DOES NOT NEED YOU.  In my opinion, a lot of the time its a combination of many things including the media that have made todays woman behave this way. Regardless of the reason. A good strong working relationship with a woman that thinks this way usually will never end up being lasting secure relationship. In her mind men are worthless and only good for procreating, sex and maybe a little companionship when SHE needs it. In her mind men are like playing cards to be acquired and traded in. If you are harder to get she may go as far as telling you she’s falling for you and be the soft affectionate woman you want. But its all an act. The minute  she is done with you, she’ll drop you like yesterdays news paper. Im not saying all women are like this, but what I am saying is as a man, and especially if you are a chivalrous, hopeless romantic type. Be weary of women who start saying things and exhibiting traits of an “independent” type. A lot of the time they are taking it way out of context and WILL hurt you… If you let them.

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